Not since the Great Depression and the Great Recession has America been confronted with such devastating economic conditions. The COVID pandemic has cost America thousands of jobs and placed families around the country in a position of dire need. In the greater Seattle area, which had a booming economy only a year ago, now faces a financial crisis unlike any that it has seen since the 1930s. With thousands that are out of work and families suffering, it is paramount that people contribute this year to the Queen Anne Food Bank.

Lether Law Group is pleased and happy to once again support this outstanding charitable cause. In addition to direct financial support, a food collection station has been set up at Lether Law Group. We are accepting all types of canned and non-perishable food donations. In addition to the food box, there is an envelope accepting financial donations in the form of checks made payable to Queen Anne Food Bank at our front desk. If you have any reason to be in our neighborhood, please feel free to stop by our office and visit. More importantly, stop by and make a donation.