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Our firm has a long track record of successfully resolving cases outside of the courtroom. This includes some of the most significant dollar resolutions in the Northwest. Our experience and constant interaction with our clients allows us to avail ourselves of the time and cost effective options of mediation and arbitration. Our results not only benefit our clients financially, but provide a peace of mind which may be difficult to achieve in litigation.

Lether Law Group has been involved in hundreds of multi-party mediations. Many of these matters have successfully been resolved despite the exposures and complexities involved in the claims. These include multi-party construction defect matters, significant injury claims, and extra-contractual or other bad faith claims.

Tom Lether also regularly serves as a Mediator. He has successfully mediated a number of coverage, personal injury, and bad faith cases, including some of the most significant coverage and bad faith claims in the State of Washington. Mr. Lether and other members of the firm also regularly act as Arbitrators and Special Masters, selected by individuals and appointed by the Courts in Washington State. Finally, our office regularly is involved in property appraisals under first-party policies of insurance. This includes Mr. Lether acting as an Appraiser and Umpire in first-party property appraisals.