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Wildfires РHurricanes  РMudslides РMajor Flooding Events

Natural disasters present unique issues. These include addressing a significant number of claims as a result of a single event, coordinating repairs and relocation of victims in a timely and efficient manner, reviewing liability, damages and coverage issues, and addressing and responding to public officials and governmental entities. This includes working with state, local, and federal organizations such as FEMA. Lether Law Group has handled a number of significant natural disaster claims throughout the Western United States. These includes the major flood events occurring in Skagit County, Washington, the Chehalis River overflow, the 2001 Seattle Nisqually earthquake, the Oso landslide, and major wildfires throughout the Western United States including the Taylor Ridge wildfire. In response to these claims, Lether Law Group promptly mobilized its team to provide assistance to insurers and insureds and navigate the difficulties of a significant natural disaster claim. This includes addressing multiple fatality losses and widespread residential and commercial structure losses. Based upon his involvement with handling natural disaster claims, Tom Lether has been approved as a FEMA counsel in the Northwest region.