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Lether Law Group is a family of dynamic and aggressive attorneys that embody the term “boutique law firm.” We are a specialty practice focusing on complex insurance coverage matters, significant construction defect claims, commercial litigation significant injury, professional liability and alternative dispute resolution.

WE REPRESENT a number of local, national, and international insurers, major corporations, construction firms, property managers, and individuals. Our practice includes significant and complex insurance disputes, construction defect claims, personal injury matters, and alternate dispute resolution involving all aspects of civil litigation. We have represented insurers and insureds in a number of fire losses, condominium and multi-habitational losses, fraud claims, subrogation matters, national disaster claims, and extracontractual litigation including claims for insurance bad faith. We consider each claim that we handle to be equally important and strive to represent all of our clients with the utmost efficiency and client services. Our goal in every case is to obtain a practical and successful result.

Experience Matters, Efficiency Matters, Client Service Matters, Honesty Matters, Results Matter.

OUR TERRITORY includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, California, the Western United States, Canada and the Pacific Rim.  We have attorneys licensed in all Federal and State courts in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii, California, Colorado and Alaska, as well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Colorado Federal Court and the United States Supreme Court. We have handled cases as far east as Florida and as far west as Saipan.