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Spring Has Sprung at Lether Law Group

Spring Has Sprung at Lether Law Group Every year for the past four years, the first sign of spring at Lether Law Group has been when the local goose lays her eggs in her nest at the patio of the office. After monitoring and helping Mama Goose feel comfortable for...

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Individuals Play The Game, But Teams Win Championships

TEAMWORK MATTERS. Our dedicated, talented team is what makes us successful. As we all immerse ourselves with March Madness these days, we would like to take the opportunity to talk about what makes the Lether Law Group team the winning team that it is. Situated on the...

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Core Value of the Month: Compassion

Due to all the difficulties faced around the world and in our local community in 2020, we believe an emphasis on compassion in 2021 is imperative. Bringing together this country and the world to fight both COVID and injustice should be a priority for everyone. Lether...

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Happy New Year And 10 Year Anniversary

As Lether Law Group moves on to a New Year, we are proud to announce that 2021 represents our 10th year in business as a firm. In 2011, Tom Lether started a new practice which focused on a different and better way of representing clients. Despite the challenges of a...

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COVID-19 Litigation Update

COVID-19 Litigation UpdateLether Law Group represents The Dentists Insurance Company (TDIC) as national coordinating counsel in COVID-19 related business interruption litigation in a number of jurisdictions throughout the United States. We are happy to announce the...

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Introducing Two New Attorneys

Lether Law Group recently welcomed two new attorneys to our team. Welcome aboard to Dana Mydland and Erik Swedstedt. We look forward to accomplishing great things together. Dana Mydland grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has remained since. She graduated cum laude...

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Lether Law Group Interviews Now Available Through Our Website

2020 has been a historic year for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, most of these developments have not been favorable. As a result of COVID issues, civil unrest issues, and historic wildfires, there have been significant legal issues which have impacted insurers...

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Lether Law Supports the 2020 Queen Anne Food Bank

Not since the Great Depression and the Great Recession has America been confronted with such devastating economic conditions. The COVID pandemic has cost America thousands of jobs and placed families around the country in a position of dire need. In the greater...

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