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Commercial Trucking and MCS-90 Issues in the COVID Age

        One of the effects of the COVID pandemic has been an increase in the use of commercial trucking as a primary means of transportation of goods and services throughout the United States. Internet retailers in particular have seen a tremendous surge in sales...

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Washington Update

As we all continue to deal with the social, commercial, and legal fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, the world continues to turn.  Lether Law Group hopes everyone is staying safe, healthy and positive. New Washington Regulation In non-coronavirus news, the Washington...

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Continuing Developments with Business Interruption Claims

While we all continue to strive for a sense of normalcy in the midst of the ever-changing COVID-19 crisis, new arguments in support of purported coverage for COVID-19 related Business Interruption claims continue to emerge.  One such recent argument is based on the...

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Suspicious and Fraudulent Claims

As the COVID-19 health crisis continues in the United States, a number of insurers have already seen a significant increase in claim activity. This includes not only business interruption claims but also a significant increase in property claims. Unfortunately, one of...

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Life Returns to Normal (Almost) on Lake Union

As we enter day 29 of the Washington State shutdown order, it appears that the worst of the COVID-19 crisis in Seattle may be behind us. The weather in April has been fantastic. There have been sunny, clear days over the Emerald City. Boats, paddleboards, and kayakers...

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