It seems that every day we are confronted with disheartening news whenever we look at our phones or televisions. Tragic losses of life, political disharmony, homelessness and violent crime. The past week has been painful for so many of our friends, family and clients. This brings to light the importance of holding your loved ones a little closer and making sure they know how much they are loved while we have them in our lives.

And on that reflective note, we wanted to take this opportunity to address our name change and more importantly the work ethic and values “Lether Law Group” will continue to pride itself on.

When Tom Lether started “Lether and Associates” he did it to reflect his values of integrity and honesty with his clients. This means telling the clients the truth. Being honest means not telling our clients what they want to hear but what they need to hear.

Experience Matters. Efficiency Matters. Client Service Matters. Results Matter. Honesty Matters. Still remain and always will be the basis of our business.

We know we are not solving the world’s problems doing what we do. However, we put our hearts into it. We hope you can sense that. You all have touched us in various ways and we thank you for that. We look forward to continuing to uphold these values as Lether Law Group in the years ahead.