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It’s the season of love – yep, Valentine’s Day! Here at Lether Law Group, we are starting a new tradition of decorating waffles and having breakfast together. As we begin our own tradition, here are some ways others celebrate.

In Wales, they celebrate by giving each other wooden spoons known as “love spoons”. Though the Welsh celebrate a little earlier than us instead celebrating on January 25th or Saint Dwynwen’s Day. Saint Dwynwen’s Day celebrates the legend of the patron saint of love, Saint Dwynwen.

Argentina doesn’t just celebrate Valentine’s Day – they celebrate an entire week called “the week of sweetness” in July. The tradition originally started as a commercially driven celebration and is now widely celebrated. Throughout the week lovers exchange chocolates and other types of candy. How sweet!

Valentine’s Day is also the “day of winemakers” or San Trifon Zartan in Bulgaria. The tradition originates from when priests would cut unnecessary branches off and bless the grape vines at the beginning of February. Today, San Trifon Zartan is celebrated with lots of wine and a feast.

In El Salvador, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day of love, but also a day of friendship. A centerpiece is used to put in the names of friends, family members, coworkers, etc. and everyone draws a name to buy a gift for. Think Secret Santa, but there’s a twist! You also say a good quality about your friend and the group tries to guess the gift’s recipient before giving the gift to your secret friend.

White Day follows exactly a month after Valentine’s Day in Japan. On Valentine’s Day, women buy their male companions chocolates and gifts, but men can’t reciprocate until White Day on March 14th. Traditionally, men would give out white chocolate, marshmallows, and cookies on White Day.

However you celebrate, we at Lether Law Group wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!