Our dedicated, talented team is what makes us successful. As we all immerse ourselves with March Madness these days, we would like to take the opportunity to talk about what makes the Lether Law Group team the winning team that it is.

Situated on the shores of Lake Union, and with a team of maritime enthusiasts, it is only fitting that Lether Law Group follows the Canoe Theory for its team success.

– The firm is like a long canoe
– The canoe has a destination
– Everyone has a seat and a paddle
– Everyone is expected to paddle
– Those who won’t paddle have to get out of the canoe
– Those who prevent others from paddling have to re-adjust or get out of the canoe
– The canoe understands crisis
– The canoe theory says “You have the right to be happy”
– The canoe can go fast and be stressful. The canoe can also be slow and peaceful
– The canoe always tries to win

The hardworking, competent team at Lether Law Group shows up every day for our clients – whether that be remote, or socially distanced and with appropriate safety measures in the office. Since March last year, we have adjusted according to the government’s recommendations and restrictions. We take the health and safety of our employees seriously, and it’s important for us to make sure our employees are safe and healthy – both physically and mentally. That’s’ why we, in addition to COVID safety precautions, have been practicing daily social distanced stretching and mindfulness classes, daily walking groups, juice and smoothie stations in the office kitchen, and more.

We encourage you to learn more about each individual member of our talented team by clicking the link below. Inside tip: hover over their photo to read a personal fun fact about them!