Based upon the Washington State Executive Order requiring all non-essential businesses to close, the Lether Law Group’s physical offices will be closed for the next two (2) weeks. The firm has been anticipating this development over the past several weeks. As a result, each employee and attorney at Lether Law Group has been fully set up to work remotely from home until the current health crisis is resolved or the State of Washington allows us to re-open our doors.

According to Tom Lether:

“We are indeed blessed and fortunate to be in a business that allows our office to remain open in order to serve our clients and keep all of our employees employed. There are so many other businesses which are faced with having to make extremely difficult decisions at this time, we are fortunate enough to not have to make those decisions. Our support and thoughts go out to each of those individuals and businesses who are so adversely affected. For the first time since September 11, 2001 I have had to close the physical doors of our firm and it is indeed a difficult process. Like that terrible day, my only hope is that it brings our community together as we continue to do our jobs at home.”

Lether Law Group will have a crew physically at the Westlake office in order to accept and respond to physical mail and take care of other client needs. All staff and attorneys will be able to be contacted through the main switchboard or electronically at their email addresses. Lether Law Group does not anticipate any delays or difficulties in responding to the client needs, deadlines, or court required schedules.

On a brighter note, during the past two (2) weeks, Lether Law Group has continued to serve its clients while maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace. We have enjoyed Aloha Friday, numerous in-office competitions, casual dress days, color days and some wonderful lunches. We thank each of our employees for their hard work and great attitude during the past several weeks.

Spring has sprung, it is that time of the year again. Our geese have returned to the lake and have been fully nesting on six new eggs. This is, of course, the same couple who had been laying eggs at our office for the past several years. If anyone is interested, feel free submit a guess as to when they will hatch. We have a friendly competition at the firm. This just goes to show that life will continue and then Spring will come. Stay healthy and stay positive.

Lether Law Group is fully staffed and available to our clients during the current health crisis. We are working remotely with secure technology to ensure we can continue to provide you with the highest level of service.